Photo credit: Harmony Wolgemuth

Ribbon of Steel

Client City of Edmonton

Location Edmonton | Alberta

EDA completed a concept development study and detailed design for a multi-use trail corridor in Edmonton, located between 109 Street and 110 Street, from Jasper Avenue to 97 Avenue. The corridor extends beyond traditional cyclist, pedestrian and inline skater needs to include the necessary infrastructure to operate a streetcar. For most of the length of the corridor, the streetcar rail line and multi-use trail function adjacent to one another, similar to many European designs. The trail also successfully crosses a major arterial roadway with an at-grade crossing.

The Ribbon of Steel project included a variety of other elements introduced to provide an aesthetic continuity, complementary to the surrounding community. The design speaks to the history of the corridor. Surface treatments, lighting, furnishings, and nodal plazas were also developed.

This project was the recipient of a City of Edmonton, Urban Design Award for successful Implemented Urban Design Plans.