Photo credit: Harmony Wolgemuth

Prince’s Island Park

Client City of Calgary

Location Calgary | Alberta

Prince’s Island Park is recognized as the premier urban park in the City of Calgary. It functions as a natural refuge for local residents and a major regional centre for festivals and civic celebrations. This dual function places diverse demands on the park, from a very broad range of users. Whether or not the park could or should be expected to meet these increasing demands in the future was a key issue to be resolved.

EDA worked closely with the City of Calgary Parks and Recreation Department, other project team consultants, and a Public Steering Committee representing key stakeholders, to identify a “vision” to guide the plan. An extensive market analysis and public consultation program provided a strong basis for the vision statement for presentation to City Council.

Since approval by Council in 1997, EDA has assisted the City with the construction of over $8 million in park facility upgrades.