Photo credit: Harmony Wolgemuth

Prince Rupert Dry Pond

Client City of Edmonton

Location Edmonton | Alberta

The former Prince Rupert School site in Edmonton was subdivided to accommodate a future tri-partnership building between Prince Rupert Community League, TERRA, and Thai Associations. It also involved creation of a stormwater facility to reduce the risk of flooding in the neighbourhood. As a subconsultant to an engineering firm, EDA provided landscape architectural services, beginning with the examination of possible layout options for the subdivision boundary that would meet the needs of the tri-partnership – as well as the spatial requirements for the storm water facility. EDA’s involvement extended through preliminary and detail design to construction management support on an on-call basis. The design solution involved an innovative use of bioswales and a bioretention area at the base of the dry pond, to help reduce the volume and improve the quality of water entering the storm system.