Photo credit: Harmony Wolgemuth

109 Streetscape

Client City of Edmonton

Location Edmonton | Alberta

Envision 109 was launched by the City of Edmonton to involve the public and stakeholders in the development of short and long-term streetscape concept designs that will improve the look, function and feel of a 3.2km stretch of 109 Street that transverses some of the City’s historic communities.

The designs will address the needs of drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and transit riders who use the 109 Street area and will consider opportunities to enhance accessibility, safety, furnishings, signage, surface treatments, public art, lighting, public spaces and more.

Two streetscape concept design options will be:

  • Short term off-street improvements – improvements to the public realm that do not involve reconstruction of the roadway.
  • Long term road/streetscape improvements – reconstruction of roadway that envisions a more pedestrian-oriented street.

The development of streetscape concept designs for the 109 Street corridor will seek to find a balance between the desire to improve the livability of the street for those who live and work in the surrounding neighbourhoods while maintaining the street’s function as an arterial road, carrying existing and anticipated traffic volumes from south Edmonton.

The process involves extensive public consultation consisting of workshops with internal stakeholders and community leagues, open houses with businesses, residents and commuters. It also includes online surveys aimed at capturing the diverse needs of those who use 109 Street for work, play or school.